Xieng Khouang

Xieng Khouang

Xieng Khouang is a famous destination of Laos with “ Plain of Jars”.  Xieng Khouang’s ancient capital was bombarded during Indochina war heavily. Xieng Khouang has six districts Muang Khoune, Muang Phonsavanh, Muang Nong Hai, Muang Kham, Muang Mork and Muang Phou Koud. It is the remote province of Laos and was the part of Ho Chi Minh Trail where troops, supplies and artillery were smuggled from North to South of Vietnam during Indochina War Xieng Khouang is in Northeast and about 400km of Vientiane capital city and the area is 16,850 sqkm. The North borders Nghe An province of Vietnam with length 160km, the west borders Luang Prabang 100km, the Northeast is Huaphan of 160km, the south is Bolykhamxay of 70km. Xieng Khouang is a mountain province with 90% is mountain and highland of 8% and the rest of plain is 2% . The climate of Xieng Khouang has two seasons dry and rainy. Dry season is from October to March next year with the temperature about 17.7oC and rainy season is from April to September and months rain heavily with the temperature of 23,6oC. Xieng Khuang is a warm climate province and plays an important in Agriculture manufacture, industry and energy of Laos. There are rivers like Nam Ngum, Nam Nghiep, Nam San… Especially Xieng Khouang is rich for forest with the total forest area 741,170 ha and precious wood.  

Xieng Khouang has Phu Bia mountain summit with 2,820m of sea level. This is the highest summit of Laos. The road is winding, valley and two sides are forest and have the imposing and romantic scenery. Most of town, district of Xieng Khouang was destroyed by bomb during the war. Xieng Khouang province was rebuilt after 1975.

Xieng Khouang has “Plain of Jars”which is famous to tourists. Phonesavanh is the capital of Xieng Khouang which about 435 km to Vientiane to the Northeast. Jars are everywhere in Xieng Khouang and mainly in Phonxavan. Jars are as the groups with all kinds from small to big or short and high. Some are under the sky; some are hidden in trees’ shadow.

Nowadays, it is beautiful to see a green color on Jars’ plain, quietly. On a plain land with some hills are 650 big stone jars with the height from 1 to 3.5m. Some jars are 14 tons weight and the age of 2500 to 3000 years. However, the secret of this Jars’ Plain is how old people made them from natural stones and how to move here. And one more secret question is what these jars were made for. There are some hypotheses for this question:

+ These big jars were made during the time of Khun Chuong leader and used to keep foods and wine for soldiers.

+ They were tomb of Kings, mandarins, leaders in that time. Their position in society were higher, their jars were big. Day by day the number of jars here were numerous.

To researchers they think of the second hypothesis because they thought that with the aim of keep wine, they should not spend too much time to make them from big stones.

The hot springs at Meuang Kham district and Tham Piu caveare worth to visit in Xieng Khouang. About 52km to the north of Meuang  Kham there is hot spring streams of Ban Noi and Ban Nhay with the temperature of 60oC. It is a different visiting site in Xieng Khouang is not much pagoda.

Mulberries Organic Silk Farmis in Phonsavan District of Xieng Khouang Province which promotes silk production as traditional Laotian silk.  It offers the income for families in the area as well as preserves the vanishing art of Laotian weaving. You can have chance to see silk making process once you visit the farm. The gift shop gives beautiful plain silk scarves with different colors, patterns… You can travel to Xieng Khouang by plane for visiting Silk Farm or you can see and buy same silk product of Mulberries shop in Vientiane.

Xieng Khouang restaurants offer traditional Asian foods as well as western foods. The French influence is easily to be seen in XIeng Khouang and Laos at coffee, baguettes. It is recommend to try some traditional Laotian cuisines, it will be great experience.

In fact, Xieng Khouang attracts more and more tourists come here for its wild beauties, pure atmosphere and original.

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