Vientiane is the capital of Laos and it is a small city which stretches from North to Eastern bank of a bend in Mekong River. There are three main roads which run parallel with the river with Lane Xang Ave is the largest and widest one join from the President Palace to Northeast around Patuxay, Victory Gate and That Luang Stupa – famous destinations in Vientiane. Vientiane is now a famous tourism city of Laos with most of restaurants, cafes, guesthouses and hotels gather in the main downtown. It is very easy for you to find hotels, restaurant or visit around the city by foot, bike or tuk tuk.  Restaurants in Vientiane have Laos cuisines as well as international of European, Indian, Japanese with good dishes.

There are many visiting sites in this city for you to pay a visit. However, you should pay attention for women for strict rules. You should wear modest clothes with covered arms and at least knee-length shorts and skirt while men in T-shirt and shorts at a minimum. While you visit temples you should remove your shoes before entering.

Laos is the country of pagodas with the total 1400 pagodas. Therefore, in Vientiane have many pagodas for visiting such as That Luang, Phra Keo, Si Muong, Sisaket, Xieng Khuong, etc.

Especially, there is a Vietnamese pagoda names Bang Long pagoda glorious. From Morning market in Lane Xang avenue you can the Anou Savary Monument tower which is the Monument of no name solider. After 1975 it was renamed Patuxay which is located in the Vientiane and That Luang area. Anou Savary Monument or Patuxay was built in 1958 which is followed the style of Arc De Triumphe in Paris which the architecture inside and above as Laos culture. From the highest places of Anou Savary you can have the whole panorama of Vientiane with many places such as Morning Market, Vietnam Embassy,Pha That Luang. In late afternoon with sun sets Laos people gather here to enjoy the relax time as well as playing of children with the freely.  

The heart roads of Vientiane is Si Muong – Samsenthay which is the most crowded with the architecture of French colonial remains range from That Khao to the centre of O Dien – Seng Lao and Si Khay Wattay. At the end it is the architecture of stilt house of Laos as traditional.

Vientiane lies on riverbank of Mekong River which the other side of Nong Khai of Thailand. This river in 1994 Australia government supported and built of a Bridge which connect Laos and Thailand called Friendship Bridge with the length 1240 meters. Thanks to this bridger opens a new development for the tourism of two countries and Indochina.

Pha That Luangis is one the destination for visiting in Vientiane. You can make a long walk or have a cycling or tuk tuk to enjoy the time. It was built in 1566 in the foundation of Indian Temple from 13th Century. Outside of the temple is curved by gold.

That Luang was destroyed in the time of Thailand invader in 19th century; however, it was recovered as original. The architecture of temple as the style of Laos’s culture which now becomes a symbol of Laos which is printed in paper currency and National Emblem.

Nowadays, the campus of the temple has the barrier without transport enters.  It has the main tower of 45 meters surrounding extra tower covered by gold.

That Luang is the centre architecture of That Luang pagoda and is one of the biggest towers in Laos (90 m x 90m and height 45 meters). 

Vientiane consists of many markets. Morning market is the biggest with the 10 to 15 minutes walking from the centre. The Night market is a small one along the riverfront selling ethnic goods for souvenir.

In the evening it is possible for you to find somewhere to enjoy your time and the city at bars of many types. Especially with some cafes are the great place to enjoy the sunset and a glass of beer. King Anouvong Park is on the river bank is the greatest place to enjoy the sunset in Vientiane which is behind the President Palace.

Wat Sisaketis a small pagoda at Vientiane Capital city, consists of 6840 Buddhism Status in all kinds with precious. The Statuses are made by bronze and some precious material such as wooden, silver or gold.  Wat Sisaket is located in Sethathirath at the corner of Lane Xang of Vientiane built in 17th Century. Surrounded the walls at the main temple is thousands of small spots with 2 Buddhism status each by precious bronze. Especially you have chance to see precious old statuses by bronze with gold at the main temple

Buddha Park in Xiang Khuang which about 25 km from Vientiane to the Southeast, there are more than 200 Buddhism Statuses and characters in Hindu made by cement. With the special of the biggest Buddhism Status lies with the arm of 40m. Besides, there are statuses of man, God, animals and monster. You can enter inside with the shape  of a big pumpkin connect with a monster mouth 3m and a stair to visit each status floor which represent for hell, earth and heaven. It is very easy to come here by tuk tuk or bus.

Talat Sao is the morning market which is located in the east corner of Lane Xang and Vien the main area of Vientiane. It opens from 7 am to 16pm where attracts the most tourists visit and shopping here. There are small stores ad stalls with variety of products from Laos. Talat Sao is the place which gather the products with the traditional characters of Laos.

Phra Keo temple gives us as the art world where has sculpture works and precious artifacts which curved by gold, silver, emerald. Phra Keo worships status, Buddhist and it is a museum which displays many art work of Laos religious. It is a famous place for visiting in Vientiane.

Wat Ong Theu is also in Setthathilath street which attract tourists by large Buddhism statuses in Vientiane. Its name means a big statues pagoda. In the campus of the pagoda there is a Sangha religious school where monks in Laos country gather and study here.

Wat Si Muang is between Setthathilath and Samsenthai streets which shows the combination of Buddhism belief and religious of Laos in original. There are many legends about this pagoda however there is an ensure is the name Si Muang is the name of a pregnant woman 300 years ago. The pagoda was built to remember and worship her. If you visit Vientiane you can come here to have a ceremony of wrist to luck for at your arm as the traditional of Laos

Once arriving Vientiane you have more chance to take part in other activities such as kayaking, wild-water rafting, trekking through nature parks in Nam Ngum Lake, Tha Ngon fish restaurant

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