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Most tourists visiting Vietnam require a visa for entry. Citizens of countries that have signed bilateral or unilateral visa exemption agreements with Vietnam are exempt from visas; tourist visas can be valid for 15 to 30 days.

Where to Apply for a Visa:

Tourist visas can only be applied for at Vietnamese embassies or consulates abroad. Alternatively, you can apply for a visa upon arrival at the airport/border gates if invited by Vietnamese competent authorities or if participating in a package tour organized by Eco Nature Travel. Eco Nature Travel can arrange visas at a discounted rate for travelers booking our tours.

The procedure is as follows:

·         Passport details, arrival and departure dates should be faxed to Eco Nature Travel no later than 14 days before the passenger's departure to Vietnam.

·         Eco Nature Travel submits the details to the Immigration Department.

·         The Immigration Department notifies Eco Nature Travel of visa approval and sends a fax/telex approval to the embassy or consulate in the visitor's country of residence.

·         We then send a fax copy of the approval to the concerned agent or individual.


Visitors can apply for a visa upon arrival in Vietnam. However, we only recommend this option in emergencies as it is much more expensive than a regular visa.

Visa Exemption:

·         Visa exemption for up to 30 days for citizens of Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Laos.

·         Visa exemption for up to 15 days for citizens of Japan, South Korea, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland.

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