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Post and Telecommunication

Post and Telecommunication


The Vietnamese postal system offers most telecommunications services. Here you can find some special services such as EMS (Express Mail Service), DHL Worldwide Express, UPS, and International Freight Services.

Email & Internet: Thanks to technology, email and internet services are available in most hotels and post offices in Vietnam. You can also find these services at internet cafes located on many streets in major cities. Typically, the post will charge you from 3,000 VND to 6,000 VND per hour for internet service, but it may be more expensive in hotels.

Telephone Booth & Telephone Card: Using a telephone booth is an easy way for you to call home. You can find telephone booths at post offices or on the streets of major cities. Telephone cards are sold at the General Post Office (GPO), shops, restaurants, and bookstores. However, making phone calls via the internet is becoming more popular and cheaper. Nowadays, many internet cafes offer this option.

International Calls: Costs for direct-dialed international calls are still high. However, you can save half the cost of calling to talk with your relatives in your country by using 171 services. With these services, the cost is about $0.60 USD per minute to most countries in the world. How to dial:

Dial 171 + 00 + country code + city code + number

Please note, if you use this service from your hotel's phone, the charges might be slightly higher as the hotel will add service fees. Again, making international phone calls via the internet is another relatively cheap option.

Mobile Phones: In Vietnam, the GSM (Global Mobile Phone System) is currently operated by three main providers: VINAPHONE, MOBIFONE, and Viettel. Your mobile phone can be used here through roaming service. These providers also offer VINA and MOBI Prepaid Card services. The best way for you to use a mobile phone in the country is to rent one and buy a prepaid card. It is easy to rent a mobile phone at your hotel or at a Mobile Phone Service Center on the street.

Time: Vietnam is in the same time zone as Thailand, which is 7 hours ahead of GMT/UTC. Being near the equator, Vietnam does not observe daylight saving time (summer time).

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