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The wonderful beauty of terraced fields in Sa Pa

The wonderful beauty of terraced fields in Sa Pa


The terraced fields in Sa Pa has impressive and imposing beauty of a wonderful nature picture. This is the original travel destination which attracts many domestic tourists as well as foreigners come here to enjoy the charming view. In addition, terraced field in Sa Pa is ranked among 11 most beautiful one all over the world by “Touropia” - an international travel website. The visitors will contemplate these paddy fields with different beauty at various times such as when the field is poured water, green and yellow with ripening rice…Whoever set foot on Sa Pa will  amazing and infatuated when survey the  nice terraced field like stairs to sky.

Terraced field is the ideal solution for farmer to cultivate on the waterless soil and keep water; it’s suitable with mountain topography. This is the familiar image with agriculture in many countries on the world. Making the terraces requires famer have to spend giant effort to do.  

These terraced fields not only bring to minority people here comfortable life but also become an attractive tourist destination with the artificial scenery. This fantastic view makes people ready to travel up hill and down dale for contemplate the paddy field by their own eyes.  Sa Pa is also the place where concentrated many minorities; it creates a special cultural region which interest visitors to pleasurably discover the particular beauty of Sa Pa.

The terraced fields extend from Tu Le village to Khau Pha pass, Mu Cang Chai town. On the top of Khau Pha Pass, you could survey whole paddy field delightful scene with green color of young rice or yellow color of ripening rice. The primitive beauty of Sa Pa is so poetic and wonderful.  The tourists remember Sa Pa like a tranquil place where they could relax and enjoy the fresh air after busy life in city.

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