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The animated Cai Rang floating market

The animated Cai Rang floating market


Far from Ninh Kieu pier about 4 km; it takes about 30 minutes in waterway to arrive Cai Rang floating market from Ninh Kieu pier. This busy market meets and crowded from the early morning to 8 – 9 am. Around 6 am, there are hundreds of boats closely stay for business. The sound of machine boats, the paddle on water, waves crashed onto the boat side, the smile of buyer and seller…; all of these things create an animated scenery of Cai Rang floating market in Can Tho city.

To survey the sunrise and the sight of lively trade on the river, tourists have to go early in the morning. On boat, there are full of goods, most of them is various fruits. These kinds of fruit are the product of local gardens which hung down loosely on the pole in front of boat. The buyer will know kind of fruit which the boats sell whenever they look at those poles. 

The bustling life style of this floating market expresses through the small boats which sell breakfast, coffee…to service all people in market.   

There are enough the services in this floating market such as vegetable, meat, fish, general store with cosmetics, medicine, salted fish, candy, cake, machine repairing, measure repairing and gasoline selling boats… These service boats are small and good at weaving their way through the crowd; however they bear each other.  

Nowadays, even though the traffic by road widely develops, the Cai Rang floating market is in being as well as more and more crowded than before. Here is not only a business place of people in Can Tho city but also the attractive travelling destination of domestic tourists and foreigners.

There are small travel boats which service the visitors mix into the boats filled of fruits and goods. All of tourists are interesting in this busy business scene on the river.

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